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Transform Your Home With Tri State Home Pros Remodeling Services.

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Tri State Home Pros, is Full-Service Siding Experts in Long Valley, NJ   

A Quality Siding Replacement Company in Long Valley As a siding company in Long Valley, we take pride in offering high quality products that are from premier brands. The siding that we use is ideal for Northern New Jersey weather. It also stands up against impacts hail, and heavy winds. Plus, it's more energy efficient than traditional vinyl siding!

When you are searching for "siding installers near me," consider Tri State Home Pros for our many features and amenities, including: Easy Maintenance: Our siding is pre-colored and doesn't need staining or painting. It's also resistant to rot, insects, and moisture. Tri State Home Pros: We have a large selection of siding styles, textures, and colors available to perfectly accent your home. Professional Installers: We have trained and certified siding installers who take working with you to create a beautiful home exterior seriously. Call Tony 908-268-3000

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Fiber Cement House Trim & Siding

 How Does Siding ProtectYour Home?

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Updated siding protects you and your home in more ways than one. From preventing costly damage to lowering monthly bills, here’s how you can count on your modern siding for the long-haul.

Prevents Water Damage

Bugs, termites, woodpeckers, and rodents can wreak havoc on your property. And infestations 
aren’t just gross. They can cost you big time on repairs and exterminator fees. Modern 
siding is built to resist cracking and warping – keeping nature’s critters where they belong: outside.

Higher Property Value

New siding doesn’t just protect your home from the elements – it looks great, too. And let’s face it, people do judge books by the cover. In fact, buyers will pay an around 7% more for a home with a well-kept  exterior. And if you decide to rent, new siding attracts higher-quality tenants.


Insulated sunroom roof panels

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 Popular House Siding Colors

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 Why Replace Your Windows

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 Siding  Services

 Siding for Tri State Homes

 Why Replace Your Siding 

One of the many reasons homeowners seek out siding replacement projects is due to the high return on investment. In fact, siding replacements yield one of the highest R.O.I rates of any home improvement project, which makes them an especially practical investment when homeowners plan to resell.


The 2021 Cost vs. Value report indicates that stone veneer siding replacements are one of the most valuable home improvement project in terms of costs recovered during resale. And this is not just for home siding projects – stone veneer siding installations trump every other home improvement project in terms of potential recovered costs, besides garage door replacements.

Take a look at what to expect in 2024 in terms of return on investment, based on the type of siding installed on your home:


Type of Siding                                                                Estimated R.O.I.

Vinyl                                                                                 80%

Wood                                                                               77%

Stucco                                                                             70% to 75%

Stone Veneer                                                                 92%

Natural Stone                                                                60% to 70%

Aluminum                                                                      77%

Brick                                                                                65% to 75%

Fiber Cement                                                                 69%

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