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 Office Building Sanitizing


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With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Tri State Home Pros Restoration would like to take this time to inform you that we are prepared and available to be your trusted partner in COVID-19 cleanup and sanitization. Among the steps that Tri State Home Pros Restoration is taking to ensure that our commercial clients will receive immediate and uninterrupted service to reduce risk of liability and risk of infection includes maintaining a highly-trained team of technicians, a large inventory of antimicrobial chemicals (Shockwave) that are EPA-registered to kill Human Coronavirus, personal protective equipment (PPE), and air fogging machines.

Tri State Home Pros  Restoration if you have experienced a Coronavirus-positive event at your home or place of business. Tri State Restoration technicians have provided microbial remediation to kill viruses in both New Jersey residential homes, commercial properties, and entire medical facilities. No job is too big, or too sm


Poor office building sanitizing often helps spread illnesses like the flu or norovirus, which can infiltrate an office environment in a matter of days. Poor office building sanitizing can be especially problematic in a shared work environment where cubicles, desks, and chairs are in close proximity and can be touched by multiple people.

We use a two-step approach to office building sanitizing so you can maintain a healthy office. First, we disinfect the entire office, including desks, chairs, rugs, and anything else that may be shared by multiple people. Our office building sanitizing gets hospital-clean results. Our second step helps extend the effects of our office building sanitizing for longer stretches of time by applying our shield antimicrobial, which can help control germs for months

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