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Our attic system creates an air barrier for optimum home comfort.

Mold Inspection
The mold inspection, which will be performed by a mold specialist, can include a visual inspection, moisture readings and mold testing. Testing is not generally recommended as a first step. If there are no visible signs of mold, mold testing may become necessary. Mold testing options include swab and air samples which will identify the types and levels of mold present in Your home or business. The most important part of any mold remediation is to locate the source of moisture or humidity and develop a plan to control it.

Once the source of mold is identified, a plan will be developed and executed, including containment of the work area to control and limit the spread of mold in the house or other contaminants into surrounding areas of your home or building. If you can smell a musty odor or see something that looks like mold, you most likely have a mold problem.

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Attic mold can hold up the sale of a home.

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Attic Mold & Insulation

Discovering mold in your home is a stressful experience. Let us help.

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